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TK + Kelsie

In the bustling world of modern romance, where swipes lead to love stories and serendipity dances with technology, Kelsie and TK found each other on a digital platform that sets the stage for contemporary connections: Tinder! Theirs wasn’t an instant love affair, but rather a gradual unfolding of a bond that would shape their lives forever.

TK, fresh from the aftermath of a previous relationship, wasn’t actively seeking romance. However, Kelsie’s profile intrigued her enough to swipe right, setting the wheels of fate in motion. Despite initial reservations, Kelsie persisted in reaching out to TK, her messages a gentle reminder of the possibility of something beautiful amidst life’s uncertainties.

Their interactions evolved from casual chats to nightly phone calls, each conversation a testament to their growing connection. The night of November 27th, 2018 marked a pivotal moment as Kelsie journeyed from Hobart to Launceston to meet TK in person. Nerves tingling and butterflies fluttering, TK’s initial awkwardness melted away in Kelsie’s presence, revealing the undeniable chemistry between them.

Their relationship blossomed, weaving moments of laughter, shared dreams, and unexpected surprises. TK, planning a heartfelt proposal, subtly nudged Kelsie to revive her passion for music, asking Kelsie for a simple request: to write a song for their anniversary, foregoing any material gifts. 

TK then planned a stay at Domescapes, Swinging Gate Vineyard.  Upon arrival, they indulged in a wine tasting, basking in the warmth of the summer sun while relishing exquisite wine and sharing a cheese board. As dusk approached, Kelsie expressed a desire to share the song she had written. With her phone set up to record, capturing the moment for TK’s mother who wished to hear the song, everything fell into place according to TK’s plan! Little did she know, Kelsie had devised a surprise of her own—the song she played doubled as a proposal, catching TK off guard and stealing the spotlight they had intended for their own proposal.

TK says “funny thing is, all I could do was cry and say “Stop it! I was going to do the same thing” so I never actually said yes to her!!
That moment was the moment I realised I had 100% found my forever person. We are so in sync it’s sometimes scary.”

As they embarked on the journey towards marriage, their bond deepened through shared experiences, from navigating rentals to building their first home together.

When it came to planning their wedding, Kelsie and TK embraced a DIY approach, infusing every detail with their unique personalities. Their vision for a laid-back, earthy-themed celebration reflected their desire to break free from conventional norms and embrace their individuality.

For TK, finding the perfect attire posed challenges, but with a little help from she realised his dream of a ‘white moment.’ “For me, finding the perfect outfit seemed easy enough but not without some hurdles along the way. Being in a same sex couple where we were both wearing different things, many challenges presented themselves to me. I live 3 hours away from my family and my bridesmaids, so I had to do my initial shopping alone. I purchased my outfit online and thought great! That was easy! It turned up, my shoes were too big, my pants and shirt were paper thin and see through, the blazer wasn’t fitted enough and so the list goes on. I felt pretty defeated because I just didn’t think I would get my white moment as well. Being a less feminine presenting person, I felt like being the bride in a suit meant that my white moment wasn’t as special. Because it didn’t have that ‘WOW’ factor. And that was a challenge I battled within myself for a very long time and was a mindset I had to get out of. I searched high and low for new pants to no avail. I gave up and accepted that I’d just have to wear black pants and give up the idea of having my white moment. The moment every girl dreams of.. that was until we got in contact with Emily from Confetti. She altered both our outfits and on our very first meeting saw and felt the defeat in me and she was determined to make that white moment happen. And her and her incredible team did. They worked their magic on the pants I had given up on and I truly felt so magical the day I picked up my outfits and tried it all on. We managed to keep it a secret from Kelsie too until our first look that I was finally getting to have my white moment as well.”

Amidst the whirlwind of preparations, their favorite moments of the day stood out as cherished memories. For TK, it was the joy of uniting their families and exchanging vows with Kelsie, while Kelsie treasured the intimate pre-recorded speeches and the emotional first look shared with TK.

As they reflected on their journey together, Kelsie and TK marveled at the serendipitous twists and turns that led them to this moment—their wedding day. In each other’s arms, they found solace, laughter, and unwavering support—a love story for the ages, written with tenderness, resilience, and an enduring promise of forever.

Frogmore Creek Winery

Photographer + Videographer
Mozoph Weddings

Celebrant Sue Lush-Saunders
Florist Bridal bouquets from Billy Button Co & Bridesmaids from Etsy
Music Chase City
Cake Speckle & Dot
Brides Outfits Kelsie’s dress from JJ’s house, alterations from Confetti formal
TK’s suit & reception pants from ASOS, alterations from Confetti formal
Make up Caitlin Powell
Hair Lauren Riley @ Salon 67
Rings TK’s from Angus & Coote, Kelsie’s from Metal Urges
Entertainment Mirror Image 


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