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You can now submit your wedding or elopement to be featured with us through the form below. Before you start, please read the following guidelines.​

  • Please give us as many details as you can, including all suppliers that you chose - from invites through to the late night DJ.  

  • As we like to deliver never before seen content to our readers, please ensure the photos have not appeared on or been submitted to any other blogs or magazines. This is common standard in the industry, so unfortunately other magazines will likely have the same restrictions.

  • We LOVE pouring over wedding photos! So the more that you can give to us, the more we can potentially work with- from getting ready, to dancing away the night. Please give us the best mix that you can and try to cover all aspects of your day! Photos need to be min 2000px wide (both horizontal or vertical).

  • Submissions are always open!  We are delivering new content on our website and in the form of online magazines all the time!​

Our readers love our Real Wedding section, so thank you for your contribution to our platform! Whilst we wish we could publish all submissions, we aim to select a diverse and inspirational selection of weddings and events for our readers.

Real Wedding Submission

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