What's the best season to marry in Tasmania?!

So, you’ve started the exciting first steps of wedding planning! From the right celebrant and dream photographer to your perfect venue, there is a lot to figure out! Before all of this, of course, you’ve got to pick your wedding date. The first question for a lot of Tasmanian newlyweds is often when is the best time of year to get married?

There is no real answer to this. As with all choices you make while planning a wedding, your ideal date will very much come down to personal preference. When determining what season you should get married, think about what you want most out of your day. Many newlyweds have dreams and ideas about their wedding long before they’ve met their person. Do you have certain florals in mind? Is there a long sleeved dress you’ve had your eye on for years? How do you imagine your wedding photos? When you close your eyes, what style do you envision?

Check out our Tasmanian wedding season pros and cons below. They might help you weigh up your options and pick the very best time of year to get married in Tasmania!

Summer Weddings in Tasmania December, January & February


  • Longer nights thanks to Daylight Saving Time

  • Warm climate

  • Guests are often feeling extra-festive

  • December is the driest month of the year

  • Interstate guests will less likely complain about the weather

  • If you’re having a local honeymoon, a Tassie Summer provides ideal holiday temperatures


  • Flowers, especially roses, can have a significant price hike in February

  • Higher priced and limited accommodation for you and your guests

  • Warmer weather = more hair and makeup retouches

  • Photographers/videographers will probably tell you Summer is their least favourite season to shoot—the sunshine can be an unpredictable nuisance during the ceremony

Tips for getting married in Summer:

  • Don’t neglect your guests! In summer, you will need to choose a ceremony location that will provide shade for not only you, but your friends and family. Tasmanian sunshine can be unpredictable, harsh and uncomfortable

  • If you’re dreaming of a summer wedding, forget the idea of a full suit or long sleeve dress. Opt for summer appropriate wedding attire with a jacket or coat as merely a backup

  • Decide your ceremony and photoshoot time—choose wisely. To capture your summer wedding perfectly, it’s important to listen to your photographer’s advice. They’re likely going to know best when it comes to seasonal changes and natural lighting times

Summer Wedding Destination Recommendation: The East Coast can be truly idyllic for a Tasmanian Wedding in Summer - think the iconic Freycinet Peninsula or Bay of Fires. Prepare for a stunning ceremony beside clear blue waters and orange granite rocks. The East Coast is particularly popular for small weddings and elopements, thanks to it’s serenity and “far from home” feeling. If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, it’s hard to go past this part of Tasmania.

Photography Edward Noel / Venue Freycinet Lodge / Celebrant Caroline Bentley / Florals Silvertree Botanics / Hair Katie MacIntosh


Autumn Weddings in Tasmania March, April and May


  • Ideal weather—Autumn is not too hot and not too cold. You and your guests will likely be comfortable all day long, no matter the attire

  • Epic Tassie sunsets and evening light

  • The sky changes often, so you’re likely to get an amazing array of moods and colours in your photos

  • Beautiful autumn foliage

  • Lots of public holidays—hello long weekend wedding!


  • It’s peak wedding season! This can mean more difficulty in booking your dream venue and vendors

  • Autumn in Tasmania provides a large amount of public holidays—while there are many benefits to this, it could also mean guests may already have plans lined up

  • Autumn actually has a higher chance of rain than winter does

  • Want a vineyard wedding? Unfortunately they usually get netted during this time of year

Tips for getting married in Autumn:

  • Enquire asap and book early! Autumn is going to be the hardest time to find availability

  • Check in with critical guests about your dates before booking anything. Being such a popular time of year to get married, you never know who has already locked in a romantic holiday far in advance

  • Have a weekday ceremony—this is ideal for intimate weddings and elopements. Vendor costs may be less and availability may be more likely!

Autumn Wedding Destination Recommendation

On separate sides of Hobart; you’ve got New Norfolk or Richmond. Don’t make us choose out of the two! Both are popular wedding destinations during this time of year; and with good reason! Autumn in Tasmania is stunning as it is, but these two destinations are particularly beautiful during the months of March-May. The hundreds of leafy trees have turned golden and lay scattered on the surrounding pavement - setting you up for scenic wedding photos in some of the most iconic towns in Tasmania.

Photography Mozoph Weddings / Venue Vaucluse Estate


Winter Weddings in Tasmania June, July & August


  • Winter has less chance of rainfall

  • Earlier sunset = the best chance of getting golden hour photos before dinner

  • Getting hitched in winter means a honeymoon in Summer! If you’re looking to travel to the other side of the world, it’s likely going to be warmer there

  • Long sleeved dresses & full suits

  • Red wine & warm apple cider

  • It can be more budget friendly. With the exception of Dark Mofo; Winter is generally a slower season in Tassie. Venue and accommodation costs may reduce in the cooler seasons


  • The three coldest months of the year

  • You might like the cold, but guests from the mainland will likely complain

  • Shorter days

  • Significant drops in temperature during the night

  • June is the month you’ll expect the most rainfall

Tips for getting married in Winter:

  • Avoid outdoor receptions to keep the Tassie frost contained

  • Enquire about fire pits and heating on offer to accommodate guests who wish to mingle outside on the occasion

  • “Jacket on, jacket off” is common slang in Tassie—invest in a special jacket. Give yourself no obligation to wear it, but it should be an essential when getting married in the Tasmanian winter

Winter Wedding Destination Recommendation: Committing to a winter wedding and eager to embrace the cold as best you can? Cradle Mountain provides some of the most beautiful natural backdrops in the world and you can expect a heavy snowfall during the colder months. Cradle Mountain in winter will be a far more relaxed setting then the warmer seasons, making it easier to secure venues, but best of all, there are quiet, hidden spaces all through the area that will make the town feel like it’s all yours.

Photography Kristy L Photography / Venue Cradle Mountain Lodge / Planner Pop up Weddings Tasmania


Spring Weddings in Tasmania September, October and November


  • Daylight Savings begins in October

  • Particularly nice climate—it’s warmer than winter, but cooler than summer

  • Flowers are bright and in full bloom

  • Spectacular greenery

  • Tasmania’s coast, wattle & native plants are especially stunning


  • September is the wettest month of the year

  • It can be particularly windy

  • Another peak wedding season, so options can become limiting

  • Evenings can get cold quickly

Tips for getting married in Spring:

  • While you may not have to book as far in advance as you would in Autumn, it’s best to book your venue and vendors in as soon as possible

  • Take advantage of the bright flowers and blooming natives Tassie has on offer

  • Tasmanian beaches are often quiet and glowing during this time of year, so take that into account when choosing a location for your ceremony or couple photos

  • As Spring is typically windy, you might want to consider the importance of an updo!

Spring Wedding Destination Recommendation: Spring in Tasmania is all about the water, flora and fauna! Embrace the incredibly green landscapes and riverside bushland by choosing a location that showcases it. The Tamar Valley, just outside Launceston, is perfect for a spring wedding in Tasmania! Choose from one of the many vineyards in the region. Have an outdoor ceremony in an ultra-scenic setting, surrounded by unnetted vineyards, river views and native florals - then warm up inside with a wood fire and Pinot during the traditionally cooler evening.

Photography Nick H Visuals / Videography Awkward Soul Films / Venue Ratho Farm / Celebrant Nat Weaver Celebrant / Makeup Make Up by Yaz / Hair Amanda Joy Hair Stylist

When getting married in Tassie, you should always discuss a wet weather option with your venue and vendors, whatever the season. The old saying “four seasons in one day” is especially true in Tasmania. While you can hope for perfect weather, you won’t fully know what you’re in for until your wedding day.

What is the best time of year to get married in Tasmania? That’s up to the two of you! Think of what you love the most about our Island state, and let that be the deciding factor. If you love mulled wine, cosy nights around a fire and the festivities Tassie has become famous for, a winter wedding might be for you! If you have your heart set on a summer dress, beach views and cold beer, then you should opt for the warmer seasons.