Top Tips for Organising a FAST Wedding

We learnt from 2020 just how quickly things can change that are out of our control, and we also know that many couples are holding off setting a date but eager to get planning- so we've sourced the best advice for planning a FAST wedding. Follow these handy tips if you want to go ahead with your wedding in 202!

Laura & Josh's Elopement at Satelitte Island: Fiona Vail Photography

Work out the deal-breakers, as these will set your parameters for the event. This might be your guest list, particularly if you have family interstate. Or it might be that you are set on having your favourite local band. Or it might be that you pick a date that has meaning to you. Make a list of the "musts" and the "nice to haves", and use that as your priority list for planning.

Set the date, venue and guests (and budget). These are the decisions that will most likely influence all of the other details. Communicate with your guests early- get the date on their radar as soon as your venue is locked in. Perhaps that means also telling people that you have to opt for a smaller party- don't worry, if people take that news badly then you probably didn't want them at your wedding anyway.

Find a celebrant. You can't get married without a celebrant, that's a fact. An authorised minister of religion or a civil marriage celebrant can perform your marriage ceremony, and unlike the movies, you can't just rock up to the local Registry as we don't have one in Tasmania. Did you know that you must lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage form with the proposed celebrant at least one calendar month before the date you are planning to marry? You can find a full list of registered celebrants / officiants in Tasmania here and plenty on our Directory.

Fill in the details. Once you set the date, venue and number of guests, work out how much help you'd like and what vendors or suppliers you'd like to use. Don't get caught up in doing what you think you should be doing, work out what is important to you and look around you to see how you could do things creatively using the resources around you. Here are our favourite tips for sourcing vendors at last minute:

  • Find out if your favorite restaurant caters and serves the foods you love most buffet-style.

  • If you’re having a small, at-home wedding, you could ask your friends and family members to each contribute a potluck dish.

Hosting at Home: Details from Hayley& Scott's Elopement: LUSY Productions
  • Instead of having an open bar, buy beer and wine in bulk from a vineyard or brewery and hire a mates mate to serve for the night.

  • Skip the band or wedding DJ and put your favorite playlists on an mp3 player—just be sure you mix it up and include songs all of your guests will enjoy.

  • Call local florists and see if they can put together some simple arrangements using in-season flowers. If they don’t have to order anything out of the ordinary, they just might be able to help you.

  • Get a standard cake from your favourite bakery or coffee shop and add a unique cake topper (Etsy has a great selection!).

  • Do you have a friend or a friend of a friend that does amazing make up? Ask them to come over and do a trial with you. You might be able to exchange their services for a nice bottle of wine.

Get crafty. Instead of a hens day, get your girlfriends over to help you make invitations, favours, or confetti, or whatever DIY details you have on your pinterest board... you could even sew your bridesmaids dresses! You don't have to do everything though- put the feelers out to see if any of your family and friends would like to help you pull things together- it will make the day feel even more special.

Remember- your wedding will be perfect for you. Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on the reasons why you want to get married, and you'll be amazed at how things will fall into place- whether it's eloping on a hillside in the rain or having a BYO backyard bash.

DIY details from Emma & Chris' Real Wedding- Issue 7. ACOMA Photography