Jaw-dropping wedding arbours

When you envision your wedding day, is one of your first thoughts your wedding ceremony? Ahh, the excitement, the anticipation, the fluttering heartbeat as you walk down the aisle…! Standing next to your partner and saying ‘I do’ for an eternity together.

Ceremony styling

The arbour should reflect your style and theme, seamlessly portraying your love story. If you are hosting an outdoor ceremony, the arch will pull together the whole setting and create a harmonious aesthetic.

The arbour is a wonderful way to show your authenticity and creativity.

It can be romantic, classic, minimalist, boho, artful, contemporary, even a lavish installation that will captivate every guest – anything you wish!

What is the meaning of wedding arbours?

Did you know that arbours have their own symbolism? Besides the wonderful aesthetic value, they have a beautiful meaning in different religions and cultures.

The arch can be a symbol for the newlyweds and their future home, walking into the next chapter or symbolise protection of the couple’s love & happiness.

Different cultures have their own translation – in some, exchanging vows with an arbour backdrop represents an initiation. If you choose to pass under it, that means you are leaving behind an old phase, transcending into a new era together.

A gorgeous focal point

Wedding arbours pull settings together and become a focal point. As soon as your guests arrive at your wedding, the first thing they will see is the ceremony location!

Just a quick look at Pinterest shows how much the arbour has developed in recent years. Some of the most popular include metal or wood, adorned with foliage or florals of your choice. As for the shape, it completely depends on you! Square, circle, diamond! Adding a bit of whimsy and playfulness can add uniqueness, or keep it classic with timeless charm.

Wedding arbours provide the ideal backdrop for your photos

Wedding photography will be the perfect memento of your most important day. The ceremony of utmost importance, the part when you are actually getting married so the photos of these moments are visual keepsakes to be cherished for decades to come. This is where your wedding arbour will frame your I DOs and elevate the whole ambience. A styled arbour will feature while you are approaching, standing making your vows, being pronounced as married, and sealing your marriage with a kiss.

Wedding arbour designs that will charm your heart!

We have the pleasure of sharing the artistry of a very talented florist to provide inspiration for your wedding planning journey.

Creating a knockout ceremony arbour is my favourite part of the job. With an abundance of creative options available nowadays, I ask couples to supply photos and sometimes measurements to help me plan and cost their dream ceremony. As I am a seasonal florist, I generally work with the couples colour palette and wedding style, procuring and cutting the very best ingredients that week to fit into the concept.

Carolyn from “Found in Earth

Thank you to the incredible talented vendors and photographers who worked on these weddings with Carolyn!

1st row: Photographer / Astrid Simone Photography Planner + Stylist / Artaud & Co

2nd row: Photographer / Jon Gazzingnato Planner + Stylist / Artaud & Co

3rd row: Photographer / Nick H Weddings Planner + Stylist / Peach + Fig Events

4th row: Photographer / Jon Gazzingnato Planner + Stylist / Dear Leone