5 Tips for Easy Wedding Livestreaming

While a pandemic has made it more common, sharing weddings online has always been an excellent option for families living far from home or who are unable to travel. It also ensures more friends and family are able to share your in celebration and no one misses out!

Live streaming your wedding is the simplest and cheapest option when guests can’t attend (for whatever reason... but mostly Covid!).

The best bit?

It’s free.

All you need is the right equipment and a strong WIFI connection and it’s far easier than you might think.

Here are five tips to ensure it all runs seamlessly.

1. Have a plan. Decide in advance which aspects of the wedding you’ll be live streaming. Will it be the ceremony only, speeches during the reception? Oftentimes live streaming overlooks events such as family and best man/ maid of honour toasts, speeches, your first dance, cake cutting, etc. If you choose to stream more than the ceremony, give guests who are signing in remotely a schedule of when they can expect to join the other events and should you fall behind, have a designated person update the group on when the next event will be.

Remember, you can always hire a professional to look after the live streaming if you don’t want a guest to take responsibility or if you’re concerned they may feel like they aren’t part of the celebration.

2. Get it together. Grab a smartphone, any iPhone, Android or smartphone with a video camera will work and ideally a tripod or wall mount. This allows for you to film in a stable manner (no shaky videos or tired arms). Talk to your venue about WIFI access and whether or not a password is required. Ideally WIFI is preferred to ensure a better interruption-free connection rather than relying on your phone network provider.

3. Create the link. Facebook has made it easy to live stream using your phone. Since most people will have a Facebook account, this is often the preferred platform. Alternatively, remote working has also made many of us equally as familiar with Zoom. Create a Facebook group or a Zoom link for all the guests who cannot attend. Remember, if you’re using Zoom, you only get 45 minutes using the free account, so ensure you’re using a paid account or opt for a free service like Facebook.

For privacy and to control who can see your wedding online, make sure your group is set to private. Inviting your online guests to the group and select the option to only go live for your private group.

4. Designate your person. Choose one person to manage the live stream. It’s best asking someone who’s tech or at least Facebook savvy because you only get one shot. Find a discrete location to set up the camera to ensure everything is in view and if possible, do a test run. If you have the luxury of having this person on hand for the rehearsal dinner, it’s a great time to do a quick test ensuring you’ll be smooth sailing on the big day.

If you can’t do it in advance, test your live stream and audio roughly 20-30 minutes before the ceremony to iron out any kinks and once the ceremony is over, you can go back and read through/ reply to everyone’s comments. The best part is both Facebook Live and Zoom will record the video (if you choose) so you can go back and relive it anytime you like or send a link to anyone who may have missed out.

5. Be prepared. Live streaming can use up your phone battery fast. Bring along an extra charger just in case.