'Zen Gelato


There is no denying I have a sweet tooth but I am also very much a health conscious person and an environmentalist. These values were carried out in my business from the get go. 'Zen's main principles and brand promise is based around welfare / wellness, meaning that people with dietary requirements are the main focus of the ingredients selected. Most of the flavours are Dairy Free & Gluten free. I also make Vegan & Dairy Gelato but unlike traditional gelato shops most of my flavours are DF, as I believe that is the best choice for the people and the planet.

As well as being available to all dietary needs my gelato also showcases seasonal, locally grown produce as well as native herbs and spices. I like to use sugars that are ' as close to nature as possible' such as Honey and rapadura sugar. I can also make sugar free gelato on request and am trying to make this a constant option for people.

The name 'Zen is an abbreviation for FroZEN and also has a correlation to the facet that I am acting in harmony with other animals and nature. Also when you eat a creamy scoop of gelato on a hot day, you feel a sense of zen, bliss and perhaps even transcendence.

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