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Leeya and Mackenzie

Leeya and Mackenzie’s love story began in the digital realm of Tinder, a modern twist on romance that led to an inseparable bond. From the moment they met, it seemed they were destined to be together, hardly ever straying from each other’s side. Their love was put to the test and solidified during three unforgettable months living in a VW Transporter in Jindabyne, where they spent their days snowboarding.

The decision to spend their lives together came naturally, and Mackenzie found the perfect engagement ring in an antique shop, leading to a surprise proposal during a trip to Huntingdon Tier Forest Retreat. Despite Leeya’s inkling that the question was imminent, Mackenzie managed to keep the moment a delightful surprise.

As the wedding day approached, the couple initially planned a small celebration with loved ones. However, they soon realized their desire for privacy and intimacy outweighed the need for a big gathering. Opting to elope, they chose to have both sets of parents as witnesses, ensuring a touch of familial presence on their special day.

Keeping true to their laid-back vibe, the planning process remained stress-free. Leeya’s best friends lent a hand with her hair, makeup, and the construction of her bouquet, while a thoughtful gift of flowers from a friend at work adorned the occasion. Their rings, handmade with Tasmanian jade, held a special significance, as did their choice of wedding location: the picturesque kunanyi in winter, a place that mirrored their love for the outdoors and adventure.

For Leeya, the favorite moment of the day arrived as they drove to their wedding spot, listening to “Kitchen” by Ruby Fields, a song that had always symbolized their relationship. As the reality of marrying her best friend sank in, it filled her with an overwhelming sense of joy.

Mackenzie’s most cherished memory was standing atop kunanyi, gazing out at the breathtaking view of Hobart and the distant ocean. In that moment, he felt a sense of boundless possibility, knowing he had a lifetime of exploration ahead with his beloved wife by his side.

Their wedding day was a testament to their love—a blend of simplicity, intimacy, and adventure—captured perfectly by their photographer, Joss. As they embarked on this new chapter together, Leeya and Mackenzie knew their journey would be filled with endless love and adventure.

Mt Wellington / Kunyuni

Joss Jensen 

Celebrant Katrina Staples
Rings Metaphoric Designs



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