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In the heart of Tasmania’s rugged wilderness, where the air is cool and the landscape stretches for miles, love found its perfect backdrop. For one adventurous couple, their journey to capture their love led them to the mountains of North-East Tasmania. We chatted with Liam and Abby to delve into the story behind their unforgettable  photoshoot experience.

Abby tells us how the shoot idea came about, “We actually didn’t choose the location, our photographer did. We gave him some information on what we loved, what we wanted, and what we didn’t, and asked him to do what he does best and find us an epic location that would blow us away.”

Liam adds with enthusiasm, “Honestly, very little planning went into it. It was rather spontaneous and spur of the moment, which is totally an ‘us’ thing to do.”

“Jimmy had some room and we lept at the idea,” Abby continues. “I was already following him on his socials because I thought his work was absolutely stunning, so as soon as the opportunity came up, we didn’t hesitate a second to lock something in with him.”

“One of the coolest things for us was seeing snow for the first time, despite living in Tasmania,” Liam recalls with a grin. “The mountain did throw up a few challenges, but none that we couldn’t handle.”

“Jimmy actually chose the timing for the day,” Abby explains. “As we mentioned above, we did have to adapt to the weather. We had planned to be on top of the mountain for sunset, but due to the snow, there was no sunset and we lost light a lot faster than originally anticipated!”

“The experience was super epic,” Abby enthuses. “The view was breathtaking and it felt so special being up there alone with the love of my life. We got to pop champagne, run and jump on each other, play in the snow all the way until it was dark. It was amazing.”

“I would absolutely recommend it,” Abby affirms. “Especially for Liam, he’s not super comfortable in front of the camera and the rapport we could develop throughout the 7-hour day with our photographer made it so natural and fun.”

In the end, it’s not just about the stunning photographs captured against a backdrop of Tasmania’s snowy peaks. It’s about the journey, the laughter, and the love shared amidst the beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness. 

For Liam and Abby, their adventure has been captured for happy memories forever!

Launceston to Ben Lommand
North Tasmania

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