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Jenna and Shannon

Shannon and Jenna’s love story began at the tender age of 15, blossoming over the years through hard work, building a life together, and starting a family. The proposal under the stars during a family holiday at The Keep in St. Helen’s marked a new chapter in their love story, leading to a 15-month planning process for a wedding that truly reflected their laid-back and fun-loving personalities. With a stunning venue, a picturesque garden setting, a team of dedicated professionals, and a special horse and coach arrival arranged by Jenna’s mom, their big day was filled with magical moments that they both cherished.

From Fast Food to Forever Love

The Chance Encounter at KFC

Jenna and Shannon’s love story began in an unlikely place: a local KFC. Both just 15 years old, they worked there after school and quickly became friends. Jenna reached out to Shannon on his birthday, sparking a connection that would grow into a deep and lasting love. Over the next 11 years, they built a life together, buying a business and a house at the age of 23. Their relationship flourished, marked by shared dreams and mutual support.

As they worked hard to build their future, their bond only strengthened. The KFC encounter was the beginning of a journey that would see them through the highs and lows of life. Their shared experiences laid a strong foundation for their enduring partnership, culminating in a romantic proposal and a wedding that celebrated their unique love story.

A Birthday Message Turns to Romance

The spark that ignited Jenna and Shannon’s romance came from a simple birthday message. Jenna decided to reach out to Shannon to wish him a happy birthday, and that message opened the door to deeper conversations. They began chatting more frequently, discovering shared interests and values that drew them closer together. This budding romance quickly blossomed into a full-fledged relationship, marked by mutual respect and affection.

Their connection grew stronger as they navigated the challenges of young adulthood. From late-night talks to shared dreams and aspirations, Jenna and Shannon found in each other a partner they could trust and rely on. This period of their relationship laid the groundwork for their future, as they learned to support one another through thick and thin. Their journey from a birthday message to a lifelong commitment is a testament to the power of simple gestures and genuine connection.

Crafting the Perfect “I Do”

The Hunt for the Dream Venue

Finding the perfect venue was a pivotal step in Jenna and Shannon’s wedding planning process. They wanted a location that captured their laid-back and fun-loving personalities, somewhere they could celebrate surrounded by natural beauty. After some searching, they stumbled upon Valleyfield, a stunning garden with a coach house that felt like a dream come true. The picturesque setting with its lush gardens and serene atmosphere was everything they had envisioned.

Their decision to choose Valleyfield set the tone for the rest of their wedding planning. They envisioned a day that was casual yet elegant, where guests could relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This venue became the canvas on which they painted their perfect day. With the help of dedicated professionals, Jenna and Shannon transformed Valleyfield into a magical space that reflected their unique love story, creating memories they would cherish forever.

Casual Elegance: The Wedding Vision

Jenna and Shannon wanted their wedding to reflect who they truly are: laid-back, fun-loving, and genuine. They envisioned a celebration that was both casual and elegant, a day where guests could feel comfortable and enjoy themselves without the constraints of a formal setting. To bring this vision to life, they enlisted the help of Nina from Style My Day, who understood their desire for a chilled, outdoor ceremony and reception.

Nina’s expertise helped transform their ideas into reality. She curated colors, flowers, and decor that perfectly matched Jenna and Shannon’s style. The result was a beautifully set-up ceremony and reception area that exuded casual elegance. The outdoor garden setting, combined with the relaxed atmosphere, created a magical ambiance. Guests mingled, laughed, and celebrated in a space that felt both intimate and grand, perfectly capturing the essence of Jenna and Shannon’s love story.

Memorable Moments of Matrimony

The Dress That Stole the Show

Choosing the perfect dress was a nerve-wracking experience for Jenna. She worried she had left it too late to find “the one.” Her concerns melted away when she visited Honey Fawn Boutique in Launceston. Anita, the boutique’s expert, listened carefully to Jenna’s preferences and guided her through the options. Jenna tried on several dresses, but it was one unexpected choice that captured her heart.

The dress was different from what Jenna had envisioned, but as soon as she put it on, she knew it was the one. It perfectly matched the vibe of their wedding—elegant yet relaxed. The stunning gown highlighted her beauty and complemented the overall aesthetic of their big day. Emily and her team at Confetti ensured the dress fit flawlessly, making necessary alterations with precision. Walking down the aisle in that dress, Jenna felt every bit the bride she had always dreamed she’d be.

A Shared Favorite: Walking Down the Aisle

One of the most unforgettable moments for both Jenna and Shannon was when Jenna walked down the aisle. For Jenna, seeing Shannon waiting for her with a tear in his eye and a smile stretching from ear to ear was magical. The emotion in his vows, promising to stand beside her for the rest of their days, touched her deeply. Their children, seated in the grass beside them, added to the perfection of the moment.

Shannon, in his characteristic style, echoed Jenna’s sentiments, describing the moment as his favorite as well. Watching Jenna walk towards him, radiant in her stunning dress, solidified the significance of their journey together. This shared moment, filled with love and emotion, encapsulated the essence of their wedding day. It was a perfect blend of joy, commitment, and the promise of a beautiful future together, making it a memory they both cherish deeply.

New Norfolk

Photographer & Videography
RJ Visuals

Celebrant Caroline Bignell
Florist & Stylist Style my day
Music Oberon Lane
Catering Silver Bean Events
Drinks Booze Bus
Cake Cakedd Hobart
Brides Dress Honey Fawn Boutique
Grooms Suit Les Lees
Entourage Confetti Hobart + Les Lees
Make up Sarah Lewer Make up Artist
Hair Sharell Nichols from Rockhard Hair + Beauty
Rings Michael Hill
Coordination and MC Steph Jay
Photo Booth Booth Baby


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