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Get Ready to Sign, Snap, or Shake Things Up

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a traditional guest book, many couples nowadays are opting for alternative guest book ideas to add a personal touch to their wedding and make their guests’ experience more interactive and memorable.

A traditional guest book can sometimes feel like an afterthought or just another item on the to-do list, and guests may simply sign their name and leave without much thought or sentiment. Alternative guest books, on the other hand, provide a unique opportunity for guests to leave heartfelt messages, personalized advice, and special memories that the couple can cherish for years to come.

Instead of a plain old book, think outside the box (or book!) with options like polaroids, puzzles, and even wine corks (hello, vino lovers!)

Polaroid or Instax Guest Book: Say cheese! Provide a camera and film and let your guests snap a photo of themselves or a group shot with the happy couple. They can then pop their polaroid or instax photo into a scrapbook and write a sweet message to the newlyweds.

Advice Cards: Who needs Dear Abby when you have your friends and family? Provide guests with cute cards, pens, and a decorative box for them to fill with helpful tips, marriage advice, and well-wishes for the couple.

It’s time to play… Jenga! Set up a tower and ask guests to sign and write a message on a block or two. The Jenga block guest book idea is not only a fun and creative way to capture memories and messages from your guests, but it also provides a unique way to incorporate these memories into your everyday life in the future.

Imagine sitting down with your family for a game night and bringing out your Jenga set. As you start to play, you’ll notice that some of the blocks have special messages and signatures from your loved ones at your wedding. Each block brings back a flood of memories and laughter from that special day, and you get to share those memories with your family.

Are you and your partner passionate about traveling and exploring the world? Then why not incorporate that love into your wedding by using a world globe as a guest book! Provide a beautiful globe and markers for your guests to sign and write messages on. Guests can write their names, draw a little heart or leave a special message on their favorite city or country. The globe will become a special keepsake that the couple can display in their home, reminding them of all the love and support they received from their guests from all over the world.

Using vintage phones as an audio guest book is a new idea! Not only does it add a unique and nostalgic touch to your wedding, but it also provides an interactive and fun experience for your guests. With vintage phone audio guest books, guests can pick up a retro handset and leave a message for the happy couple. This not only adds to the vintage ambiance of your wedding but also encourages guests to engage with each other and share their love and memories.

Looking for a modern twist on the traditional guest book? Look no further than using a QR code to connect to a private Facebook page or website to record videos and messages off a smartphone! You can create a private Facebook page or website just for your wedding guests, and generate a unique QR code that links directly to that page. Then, you can place the QR code on a cute and quirky display at your wedding, like a sign or a photo booth backdrop. Guests can use their smartphones to scan the QR code and access the private page, where they can record a video message, leave a heartfelt note, or even share a funny meme or GIF.

Using a framed photo from your engagement shoot as a guest book is a fun and interactive way to capture memories and messages from your guests. Get a photo printed from your engagement shoot and have it framed with a big mat around the edge. Then, place the framed photo on a cute and elegant display, like an easel or a table. Guests can sign the mat board around the photo with a special message, drawing, or even a cute doodle. It’s a creative and unique way to showcase your love story while also creating a special memento that you’ll treasure forever.


Photos: Kelsea Midson
Photos: Joss Jensen


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