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From Tinder to ‘I Do’, love stories always have a unique beginning, and Ash and Aaron’s journey is no exception. Meeting on Tinder in May 2015, their connection blossomed into a beautiful tale of long-distance love, shared adventures, and finally, a surprise proposal in 2022. 

As they navigated life together, from moving cities to exploring Tassie and beyond, their bond grew stronger. 

The lead-up to their big day at Eastford Creek Vineyard was a testament to their shared vision of a rustic, earthy-toned celebration. 

Stay tuned for a heartwarming narrative of love, friendship, and the magic of weddings in Tasmania.

A Tinder Match Turned Tasmanian Romance

When Ash and Aaron first matched on Tinder in May 2015, neither could have predicted the journey ahead. Aaron had just completed a five-year stint in Hobart and was moving to Launceston, while Ash was a Hobart local. 

Their paths finally crossed a few months later at the New Sydney Hotel. Ash, participating in Dry July, spotted Aaron at the bar and decided to approach him directly. “Hey Aaron, it’s Ash from Tinder. Remember me?” she said. 

That spontaneous encounter marked the beginning of a love story that would span cities and years. They navigated a two-year long-distance relationship between Hobart and Launceston before Ash made the big move to Launceston in 2017. 

Their shared adventures, both in Tasmania and beyond, only strengthened their bond, leading to a surprise proposal in 2022. Their story shows that sometimes, a simple swipe can lead to a fairy tale romance.

Navigating Long Distance Before the Move

Navigating a long-distance relationship is never easy, but Ash and Aaron managed to make it work. For two years, they traveled back and forth between Hobart and Launceston, making the most of weekends and holidays. 

Their commitment to each other was evident in their consistent communication and frequent visits. Despite the challenges, they found ways to keep the romance alive. Whether it was exploring the scenic beauty of Tasmania together or sharing quiet moments over video calls, their bond only grew stronger. 

In 2017, Ash decided to take the plunge and move to Launceston, marking the end of their long-distance phase. Moving in together for the first time was a significant step, but it felt like a natural progression in their relationship. Their ability to adapt and grow together during this period laid a strong foundation for their future, proving that love can indeed conquer distance.

DIY Styling with a Rustic Flair

Ash and Aaron’s vision for their wedding was clear from the start: a rustic, earthy-toned celebration that reflected their love for Tasmania’s natural beauty. 

They decided to take a hands-on approach, opting for DIY styling that added a personal touch to their special day. With the help of immediate family, they set up the tables, signage, and decorations at Eastford Creek Vineyard. The venue itself, with its vintage charm and scenic views, served as the perfect backdrop. 

They sourced items second-hand from marketplaces and borrowed decorations from friends who had recently tied the knot. 

The floral arrangements, crafted by the talented Wildly Abigail, featured locally sourced spring blooms in sage green and white, perfectly aligning with their theme. The couple’s friend, Eloise from Dolly & Moo, designed bespoke stationery that tied everything together. 

This DIY approach not only saved costs but also made the wedding uniquely theirs, brimming with love and character.

The Dress: Classic Elegance Meets Tasmanian Charm

Ash’s wedding dress was a beautiful reflection of her personal style and the rustic charm of Tasmania. She found her dream gown at Luv Bridal in Hobart, and it was love at first sight. The dress was an A-line princess gown with an off-the-shoulder cut and a fitted bodice, complemented by a gorgeous train and buttons running down the back. This classic and timeless design provided the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity, aligning seamlessly with their earthy-toned wedding theme. 

A Ceremony of Four Seasons

The weather on Ash and Aaron’s wedding day was anything but predictable, offering a true taste of Tasmania’s famed four seasons in one day.

 The ceremony began with severe gale winds, followed by drops of hail, a sun shower, and finally, the sun breaking through as they exchanged their final vows. 

Despite the weather’s unpredictability, the couple was determined to hold their ceremony outdoors, just as they had envisioned. Their families were skeptical, suggesting they move the event indoors, but Ash and Aaron’s persistence paid off. 

The dramatic weather only added to the magic of the moment, creating a memorable backdrop for their vows. The sun’s appearance at the end felt like a blessing, making the ceremony even more special. 

Our Favorite Moments Amidst the Wild Weather

Despite the wild weather, Ash and Aaron’s wedding day was filled with unforgettable moments. One of their favorite memories was the sheer excitement and anticipation as they braved the elements together. The unexpected hail and sun showers only made their vows feel more magical, adding a sense of adventure to their ceremony. 

The couple’s determination to stick with their outdoor plans paid off when the sun finally broke through the clouds, casting a golden glow over their vows. This moment felt like a sign that their love could weather any storm. 

Additionally, the presence of family and friends who had traveled from all over Tasmania and beyond added to the day’s special atmosphere. The laughter, joy, and shared experiences under the changing skies created a unique bond among everyone present. 

For Ash and Aaron, these moments of resilience and togetherness amidst the wild weather made their wedding day truly unforgettable.

Eastford Creek Vineyard
Sassafras, Tasmania

Island Image Photography

Celebrant Dee Potter

Florist Wildly Abigail

Stationery Dolly & Moo

Music Nick Turner

Brides Dress Pronovias / Luv Bridal

Grooms Suit Neil Pitts

Make up Olivia Jones Makeup

Hair Arianne Cassidy Hair

Rings Haab designer & Jai Hill Jewellers


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