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Alisa & Gideon

Alisa and Gideon’s is a story of serendipitous encounters, enduring friendship, and love that blossomed with the passing of time.

In the early 2000s Gid and Alisa’s paths first crossed at school. Little did they know that this chance meeting would blossom into a love story. Fast forward to 2020, a serendipitous reunion at a local coffee shop sparked a new chapter in their story.  

Gideon explains “It wasn’t until the next year (2021) where our friendship started and we truly were friends. This was due to the same people that we hung out with and how we got to know each other, the real Gideon and the real Alisa. There was no hiding of our quirks & weirdness nor our good or bad sides because quite frankly we didn’t see them as that but cared for each other enough to know that both of us wore our hearts on our sleeves.”

Their relationship remained as friends for quite some time, until 2022 when a spark ignited amidst the joys and trials of their individual lives. In January, while attending an online wedding of a mutual friend, they found themselves seated beside each other. Gideon still recalls the image of Alisa in his mind, the way she looked and what she wore on that memorable day. Their bond, however, remained firmly in the realm of friendship.

As they continued to spend time together within their social circle, something began to change. The more they hung out, the more their attention shifted from the group dynamics to their own personal connection. A pivotal moment arrived in July, when they found themselves celebrating the engagement of another mutual friend. It was during this joyful occasion that both Gideon and Alisa confessed their interest in each other, finally acknowledging the depth of their feelings.

In a mutual agreement, they decided to focus on nurturing their relationship before considering an engagement. They set a six-month rule, allowing themselves time to truly get to know each other. Yet, surprisingly, it took them less than a month to realize that their desire to marry one another was undeniable. The foundation had already been laid in their strong friendship, making the decision to embark on this next chapter of their lives an easy one.

In 2023, as the months waltzed by, the six-month mark of their agreement floated away in the breeze. Alisa, with her adventurous spirit, found herself playfully suggesting and nudging Giddy about weddings and rings, weaving dreams and ideas through the inspiring realm of Pinterest. Giddy, perceptive yet keeping his intentions a secret, caught every hint but chose to hold them close to his heart.

A momentary flicker of hope danced in Alisa’s mind when she witnessed Giddy crouched on the ground in his lounge. Could this be the long-awaited proposal? But nope, he was just looking for something lost!

With Giddy’s brother set to marry in July, Alisa didn’t anticipate a proposal until after this momentous occasion. However, April arrived with a delightful surprise. Their beloved friends, joined by Alisa’s own brother in a united front, conspired with Giddy to create a magical moment near the shores of Kingston Beach. It was a place that had captured their hearts, where they had once bared their souls and confessed their feelings for one another.

The anticipation and excitement of planning their wedding brought a mix of emotions – the thrill of the adventure, the joy of creating something meaningful together, and the occasional wave of stress. Alisa and her natural artistic talent took charge of every detail regarding the setup and design of both venues. With a focus on natural and rustic themes, their wedding style embraced vibrant bursts of colour, reflecting their vibrant spirits and love for the great outdoors.

In an effort to honor their commitment to sustainability and create a truly personalised experience, they decided to enlist the help of their closest friends and family to keep costs at bay. While professionals were commissioned for essential services like photography, floral arrangements, and makeup, the majority of the wedding was a collaborative effort among their loved ones.

Alisa wasted no time in choosing her dream dress, making her decision just three days after the proposal. Her unwavering confidence in her choice showcased her understanding of her own style and desire to remain true to herself. Giddy, on the other hand, opted for a mix-and-match approach, combining clothing choices from various sources both in physical stores and online. This choice was a reflection of their unique personal styles and a deliberate decision to forgo standard dress codes that would have required uniformity. The attire of their bridal party also played a role in inspiring this individualistic approach.

The wedding decor was an eclectic blend of elements that reflected their love for the natural world. The venues were adorned with an enchanting combination of flowers, origami cranes, and flickering candles. Alisa’s resourcefulness shined as they scoured second-hand stores to collect bottles and vases to be adorned with fairy lights. By finding decor online and engaging in some DIY creativity, they were able to infuse their celebration with their own unique touch.

In a display of love and support, their journey was illuminated by the numerous helping hands that offered their time, skills, and finances. The couple is immensely grateful for the generosity of their community, which made their wedding a true testament to the power of love and the beauty of meaningful connections.

“Gideon’s favorite moment of the day was seeing Alisa come up the aisle,” he recalls with a heartfelt smile. “From that moment on, it felt like the world faded away, and it was just the two of us in our own little bubble. The movies really don’t do justice to those kinds of scenes.”

For Alisa, walking up the aisle and exchanging vows were truly magical. “Those moments were so special,” she says, her eyes sparkling with joy. “Even though I’m naturally a bit shy in front of the camera, the photoshoots were actually a lot of fun. The photographers were incredibly friendly and creative, and I absolutely love how all the photos turned out.”

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